The company successfully passed the certification of China Environmental Labeling Products

2015/10/26 23:21:09 admin
Recently, the company awarded the "Chinese environmental product certification mark" certificate. China environment symbol certification indicates that the company the product not only quality, and in the production, use, and disposal of the disposal process accords with specific environmental protection requirement, compared with similar products with low toxicity and less harm, resource conservation, environmental advantages.
"China Environmental Labeling Products Certification" is the highest level of China's environmental protection certification, also known as the ten ring certification, by the State Environmental Protection Administration certification center accreditation. Company advocates environmental protection, healthy lifestyle, to respond positively to the national policy, earnestly implement the production of environmentally friendly mode of production enterprises, modern consciousness of environmental management into the production process, promote the development of environmentally friendly products ", and actively develop ecological industry and circular economy. "China Environmental Labeling Product Certification" passed, is the product of the company's environmental performance and production process of environmental protection measures, but also effectively enhance the company's image and competitiveness.





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