How to use aluminum alloy light frame to build the background wall

2015/10/26 23:21:22 admin
Build a gantry frame material: two sections of the aluminum alloy column, one end of the aluminum alloy beam, two sets, two cross arm, two hanging gourd, two anti head, two bases, eight diagonal bracing, sling, screws and so on.
Note: commonly used aluminum alloy truss column for the 300*300MM section, the truss beam if the thing is not very reusable 300*300MM reuse, if the span of large or hanging lights reuse 400*400 or 500*500.
Method for building background wall with light frame:
1, the first in a predetermined position on the base set Aluminum Alloy light frame;
2, the head of the aluminum alloy light frame on the base, pay attention to the direction of the rotation of the head, generally go to the side of the middle of the beam as a good;
3, in the top of the head above the head;
4, the light frame beam assembly, and then end connected to both sides of the square sleeve, if the base position is not neat, you need to repeatedly move the base to make the beam can be connected to the square;
5, the column on the ground assembled, and above the screw good cross arm, cross arm hanging on the hoist;
6, the column moved to the beam, the bottom of the column and the top of the head of the anti twist;
7, a number of individuals together slowly erected upright, in order to strengthen the stability, can be inserted in the base of the lateral extension support, when the column is put up after the head of the dead fixed;
8, in the same way to the other column also erected;
9, the sling winding on the beam, and then hoist under handle hook sling;
10, the column on both sides of each one together with the handle pull together, until the beam plays a high position;
11, and then on the base of the two sides of the support, the two ends of the oblique support are screwed in the column and the base;
12, hanging on the beam with a variety of lighting and audio equipment, and debugging is completed;
13, two people together with the transverse beam to the preset position, then Longmen frame is completed.





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