Striving for quality award of Zhejiang province to enhance the

2015/10/26 23:21:14 admin
Quality award is the highest award in the field of quality, and the standard of performance excellence model reflects the outstanding idea and method of modern management is to sum up the experience of many successful enterprises, is to encourage and guide enterprises to the pursuit of excellence, has become an effective way for the world-class enterprise. 2010 * * factory will fully implement the "excellent performance evaluation criteria", striving for quality award of Zhejiang province.
In order to enhance staff awareness of quality, quality, enhance staff awareness of the excellent performance, recent * * General Factory held a "striving for the provincial quality award to start the General Assembly", Hong director at the meeting pointed out: performance excellence model is a scientific management mode of total factory is needed, the Department, the workshop to the implementation of performance excellence model up to strategic height to look at, guide and encourage the pursuit of excellence in quality management, tends to be mature and achieve a sustainable operation. Also total factory also invited teacher * * according to the terms of the criteria for performance excellence, to all the people were in detail, combined with the classic case analysis, let the staff of provincial quality award, outstanding performance with a more systematic and comprehensive understanding.
Quality is the source of long-term sustainable development of enterprises. Hi every listed, * * general factory will to strive for quality award of Zhejiang Province as an opportunity, so that employees from the ideological understanding of quality to the importance of, clear in the future production need to implement performance excellence model, pay attention to product quality, service quality, management quality, promote to enhance the effectiveness of the company's big.





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